Monday, March 25, 2013

This week was pretty awesome!

This week was pretty awesome, on Tuesday we went up to Sofia for a training meeting and that was really good.  We learned more about how we can set good goals and be accountable for our work. Plus Sofia is always good!
We met with the girl from Albania and a few of her friends from her journalism class and basically they wanted to do a documentary on us and follow us around all day with cameras.  I asked President but he said it was against church policy so, we can't do that but we met some really cool people and the girl said pretty much everyone in their class was looking online at  We handed out several Book of Mormons and a couple of them came to a branch activity we had on Saturday and one even came to church!  So if anything we got some good exposure as a church from it but sadly we cant help them with their project.
Also this week we met with the one lady and her daughter, who we had given the Book of Mormon to, and the daughter has already read more than 260 pages of it on her own, and she only is 12!  And the mother says she already believes it's true and they even have shared it with several of their friends and given them our number!  So this week we hope to get a baptismal date with them and meet with some of their friends!  
Also we are teaching a temple prep class because there are a couple members preparing to go to the temple for the first time in April and it is really neat to see how excited they are to be going, one lady is even doing a bunch of family history research so she can take some names with her to the temple!!
It has picked up a bit with the school being back in and we do try very hard to work with the members it is a little harder with such a small branch but the whole mission has being working on that for the last couple months.  Members are such a help in lessons I'm excited to go out with the missionaries in Victor when I get back! 
So for conference, what they do is they record it in Sofia then they send out copies to all the branches.  We will probably start watching it next week and probably the week after too, they usually just watch it on Sundays instead of church here. And yes, we do get copies of the Ensign. 
I have stayed pretty well on my mission so far no serious or bad sickness and it's all good, my companion though might have eaten something bad he's had to take a lot of bathroom breaks the last couple days, but it's not anything too bad.
So for bikes, there aren't any bikes in the Bulgaria, Sofia mission so we either walk or take a bus if it is to far, but it's not too bad.
For Easter they have "velik den" which means "great day", they have it towards the end of April or beginning of May something like that the only thing that I have really heard that they do is 40 days before velik den they start their post or fast and they don't eat milk products or meat but not too many people actually do that and then they all usually go to the church and light a candle or something on the actual holiday. Other than that I haven't heard too much.

Have a great week Everyone!! I love you lots!!
Старейшина Максуел

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