Monday, April 1, 2013

Today is looking pretty good and sunny!

Happy Easter!!

This week went by incredibly fast, it feels like it was just yesterday I was writing you!

So, we actually didn't have Easter this week, they have it on the fifth of May here. So I didn't really do anything special for Easter, just regular church and missionary work! We had a couple really good lessons this week.  We even got the young girl to come to Young Women, but she is kind of shy and got scared and left.  We will have to see if we can get one of the Young Women to go out with us, to get her a friend, so she won't be so nervous.  We also met with a new family yesterday, that we had tracted into, they have a young daughter also and they are very cool so we will be meeting with them again this week! We also found a cool young guy, who is studying to be a music teacher for the accordion, he is pretty solid also.  This week should be pretty good!

The weather was pretty bad all week, we had rain almost every day, but today is looking pretty good and sunny!

We didn't have a ton of lessons this week but we were very blessed in finding a lot of people who have interest and a lot of potential! Oh yeah, this week it was pretty cool we were going through the area book and looking at some of the old investigators.  There was one lady, her mother lives in Washington and is a member and sent the missionaries to her about a year ago.  The missionaries met with her a couple times and then her husband came in one time and told them to leave and not come back.  So we figured we could give her a try, we found her block and apartment and she let us in, her husband is living in Russia, she really likes what she hears about the church from her mom and she wants to learn more! She is going to be in Sofia this week, so we will start teaching her next week!  She also has a young 9 year old daughter so this branch has a lot of potential Young Women, now we just need to find some young men!
Love you!
Старейшина Максуел

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