Monday, April 22, 2013

We had amazing weather!

My week was pretty good, we had amazing weather - it's not too hot yet but it no longer is cold and all the trees are getting their leaves and everything is growing so it is very nice! Last P-day we rented some bikes and took them up this path up the mountain to this one park, it was very nice to be able to ride a bike after so long and plus the nature and mountains here are very beautiful. That is definitely a benefit of being in a smaller city there is a lot more nature!

We had some very good lessons this week also and I feel like we are making some real progress with some of our investigators and then also some of our investigators I feel are just stuck and it gets a little frustrating with them when they don't come to church and they aren't reading or praying.

Teaching for me is always a learning experience whether it is how to keep the doctrine simple enough or simply learning how to better follow the spirit. It is way cool that you are having the youth already practice because there really isn't any better way to learn than that! We also found some very cool new people this week while we were tracting.

A cool experience actually from last night while we were tracting: we were having a lot of success and we found several people who were interested to learn more and we will return to them tonight.  Close to the time when we were about to head home, we were finishing up a fode (street or apartment, maybe?)  and one guy I was talking to invited us in and took us into the main room where his friend was and told us that he already knew about God and Christ but his friend here didn't know anything. So he told his friend, "Listen to these boys they are going to teach you something about God", then he left.  We were sitting there talking with the friend and he isn't religious but he told us that he thinks it is important to have a belief in God but he personally doesn't know anything about Him and that he needs someone to teach him. We were able to testify to him about a God who knows and loves him and has provided a way for us to learn about Him through his prophets and the Book of Mormon! Now we didn't have much time before we had to be back in our apartments so we set up a time to come back tonight to teach him more, at this point I was questioning a little bit his sincerity - he seemed very sincere but it was almost to good to be true!  I was thinking we would just be coming back and he wouldn't be there.  As we were leaving, he stopped us saying, "Wait, I will give you my number just in case I am not here, that way you can call me and we can understand where to meet!" That was pretty amazing and truly a great evidence of how the Lord will bless us as we use the time we have to the fullest and work hard!

I can't really think of any questions that stood out or anything. Although last night, another story from tracting, it was getting later and a bit darker and we were on a floor that didn't have a light but there was still enough coming in from the window to see good enough so we knocked on the door and what I thought was a little girl opened the door so I asked her if her parents were there but then to my dismay I realized that it was not a little girl it was a very short and young looking mother. So quickly I apologized and shared a little of our message and the best part was she was interested but was busy at the time so she invited us to come back tonight! That was a bit embarrassing and my companion teased me for a bit about that.

Oh and here is a picture of some biscuits I made with the butter cutter which I am very grateful to have! Thank you! Have a great week!

Yes, for his birthday, Christian asked for a pastry cutter!  He does make lovely biscuits!

With Love
Старейшина Максуел

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