Monday, April 15, 2013

I love sharing with people ...

The Maxwell family is pretty incredible! I love sharing with people that we are 8 kids in the family and that I love having so many siblings. It usually just blows them away since most families here are 2-3 kids max.
Things are going well here.  We had zone conference on Tuesday and that was pretty good, although, our district was a little late getting there because the bus we were going to take wasn't working so we had to wait for the next one, that was a little frustrating but we got there! We had a lot of good lessons this week which is good because we do a lot of finding just in general as a mission and it always is good to be able to see some results of all the finding work we do even if it is just a lesson or getting a Book of Mormon to some one. It was cool too, we went over to one of our investigators earlier in the week and he has a little garden area with a couple shed and he was showing us all of his garden and in one of the sheds he has a little forge and he uses it to make like shovel heads and other gardening tools so that was pretty cool.  We weren't able to get back out to him till yesterday and he told us that in the morning he had woken up just a little down not really understanding the purpose of life and he was wondering what had happened to us, then we showed up that evening!  He was so glad to see us and kept saying that God knows us and our needs and will answer them! So that was really neat for us to be able to help him understand a truth like that even though we didn't really do anything but show up!

We have been having pretty good weather I think we have made it through the rainy stage.  The university gets out some time in May and sadly, I have heard that it gets pretty dead here in the summer as all the students leave. But oh well I'll take what I can get!

The branch is pretty small here we do have a full branch presidency but one of the counselors has a hard time getting to church from his selo (town). Usually on Sunday we have around 20 members that are there.  It's a lot of work, with the branch here, making sure that everything is getting done and reminding them about things but they are all really awesome and I love being able to work with them! Oh and one of the sisters plays the piano and also the branch presidents daughter plays so they just switch every Sunday, I'm glad that I learned a little bit of piano but I am also glad that you didn't make me spend a ton of time practicing or taking lessons, so yeah it's all good!

We have been able to watch the Saturday session of general congerence and we will continue to watch them over the next few weeks ( the members here don't really have the patience to do them on the regular schedule even if it is a week later) but it was good I probably didn't understand everything but I could understand generally what they spoke about,but I look forward to getting the written talks!
The district is doing well we've got some solid missionaries here and I am glad to be able to work with them! I sadly don't get to hear or see Elder Bennion ever.  I would have to be a zone leader that he calls into or one of the assistants who get to go down for zone conference so I have some hope there but I do talk to president as much as I can about him and Turkey to see how he is doing! I was lucky this week after zone conference president gave us all a ride down in his car because he had to interview a member for her temple recommend so I got some good updates on how he is doing!

I hope you have a great week! Thank you for everything! I love you lots!
Elder Maxwell

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