Monday, April 8, 2013

I guess it's cool to not be a teenager anymore!

So it doesn't really feel different to be 20 but I guess it's cool to not be a teenager anymore! My birthday was really good we had really nice sunny weather and the sisters cooked us lunch, burgers and fries, it was pretty good, then we had a couple lessons and some contacting and then a senior couple who is basically in charge of youth and YSA came down with a YSA conference talk from Pres. Uchtdorf. So it was pretty good for sure! I will get the package tomorrow when we go up to Sofia for zone conference.

Things are going well in Bulgaria, it is pretty amazing how much we are being blessed as missionaries and all of the success that we are having as a mission!  We haven't seen any of general conference yet, we will start watching them next week and we probably will watch most of them if not all in the next couple weeks, I'm not completely sure it'll depend on what the branch president wants to do. Either way I'll read them in the Ensign when it comes out, my Bulgarian isn't perfect and they tend to have a pretty big vocabulary when they speak in conference.

This week was good, we had a few interesting experiences, for example there is one family we had tracted into last week we met with a couple times but the mother has epilepsy and in one of our lessons my companion was saying a prayer and she started to have a fit and so the husband quick jumps up and is holding her so she can't flail around and he's just standing there talking to us like it was normal, it was only like a minute or less and then we just continued the lesson like normal. The teaching is going well, it's a little bit frustrating when we don't have any contact with an investigator other than their address and we stop by and they are hardly ever there.  We do have some pretty cool investigators and it is going pretty well with most of them!!

We don't really get dinner appointments anywhere, the people are usually pretty poor and it's just not something that they do too much but they almost always will have a some juice or banitsa or something when you go over to their house for a lesson.

Banitsa (Bulgarian: Баница, also translated as banica and banitza) is a traditional Bulgarian food prepared by layering a mixture of whisked eggs and pieces of cheese between filo pastry and then baking it in an oven.

It's pretty exciting being on a mission right now, president sent us an update of how many missionaries there are and how much the church has grown and it feels good to be a part of it even though I may not make much of a difference, in the long run it is good to be out here serving the Lord!!

I cant really think of much else so yeah!

I love you all! Have a great week!!

Elder Maxwell

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