Monday, March 18, 2013

Weird, I didn't even think about that!

My companion, he actually doesn't even know how to play the accordion. (see picture from last week)  He found it in an antique shop last transfer.  He figured out how to play a song from star wars on it but that's about it.

I don't think we have time change here because I don't remember setting any clocks, weird I didn't even think about that.

So this week, we had the Zone Leaders come down and go on exchanges with us and that was really good and the tracting has been going very well still.  We have a good base of people we can go and visit almost every night now and we are staying really busy!

I've been trying all the different kinds of bread they have at the bakeries and they have a lot of really good stuff and some of the things that I didn't really like at the beginning are way good now although I very much am looking forward to eating a real burger with real meat and bacon and barbecue sauce when I get back.  Hopefully my taste buds aren't permanently altered to where I cant enjoy a real burger. But that would be basically impossible, burgers are just way too good.

We had some really good lessons this week, we had one with a girl from Albania that attends the American University and she brought a friend that is here from Blagoevgrad and they both were very interested.  We are meeting with them again tomorrow and they might even bring more friends! And one of our former investigators that we still see on the street and talk to said that she saw that on Facebook the girl had been posting about the Book Of Mormon!

It got a bit colder this week and we even had some snow falling one night as we finished tracting but it didn't stick or anything.

One guy that we had met with and were going to meet with again called us and canceled because he was leaving to Greece for work but then later in the week we thought we saw him on the other side of the street and so I quick called him and it totally was him and he straight up lied about where he was. I wish that people would just be honest and open and if they don't want to learn more or meet to just say it not lie to us. But everyone has their agency and I can't control what they do.

But on the up side, there was one lady we gave a book of Mormon to last Sat. as we were tracting and she was really skeptical and all that it was free and all we really want is people to read it.  This week we stoped by to see if she had been reading and she said that she had and was in the middle and that she really liked it and also her daughter, she would read it with her and she really liked it and was always asking to read it!! So this week we will meet with them, because she didn't have time then, and she also said she would have some friends that were interested in the book there too! So this week has been really good and we have a lot of really good potential investigators!

So your average Bulgarian is usually white with black hair (Viktor Krum, from the Harry Potter movies is a pretty good general example of a Bulgarian, but of course there are skinnier and taller or something like that people too). There aren't really blond people, except for a few, but they are usually not from Bulgaria (at least ancestor wise). And yeah, I am taller than most people but there are a few people that are tall like me too and I've seen some really tall people but they are pretty rare. So over 90% of the country is Bulgarian orthodox and the large percentage of them, maybe, will go to the church to light a candle every now and then but that's about it. At the American university there are very few Americans, I have met one at least, aside from professors the majority are from countries like Kazakhstan and Macedonia and other kinds of Asian European countries and then a few Bulgarians mostly they attend because it is cheaper and they can transfer to other schools afterward.

I love you all!
Elder Maxwell

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