Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I got to play the piano...and it was okay.

We had an activity this week where we taught how to start doing family history.  The resources are pretty limited here but there is still a lot that the members can do and most of them that came had never done anything so we helped them figure out what they can do to get going on that. Hopefully it was helpful for them! And a few less actives came so it was good for them at least. I was a bit dissapointed in our investigators though, only one came and the rest flaked on us, but not too much you can do about that.
Other than that, our week was good, the weather was great  (very hot and only a few thunderstorms) so I'm starting up my tan.  I've got some pretty good lines already, especially on my neck, as the lower half is white and then above the collar I've got a great tan. It'll be pretty obvious when I'm going around with a t-shirt!
We found some cool people this week, although sadly one lady we had started meeting with, we only had a couple meetings with her before her husband asked us to not come over anymore.  He is aethiest and would listen but he didn't have the desire that his wife had.  I am sure they both felt the spirit and someday he may remember that and want to learn more.
At church I got to play the piano! Nate keep up that practice and it will serve you well. And it was okay, I used the simplified book and was able to get through a few songs so I am grateful that I at least have a basic knowledge of the piano but I could be much better!
We had the zone leader come and do some exchanges with us this week and it was good, we had a great day! Overall, it was a good week and hopefuly they will only get better! 

Have a great week and keep being awesome!! 
Love you! 
Elder Maxwell

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