Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm doing well and I'm happy!

I feel like May is a pretty busy month here, they have at least one or two holidays or concerts or something a day here, today we had to go to the internet zala to write because it is the holiday of the book and the library wont be open till later then Saturday, there is the holiday for the alphabet, plus there are elections going on so there are a ton of political groups doing campaigns and such everywhere. Kind of a crazy month,

The week was a pretty average one for us, the weather was a pain though. It would be cloudy in the morning and then it would get super hot or it would start sunny then, out of no where, a pouring thunderstorm.  So, we basically have never been dressed or prepared for the weather this week. We didn't really find many new people this week, they were kind of like the weather one day really interested and the next not showing up to meetings or not being interested. But thats just how it is, we will work hard and strive to continually improve and we'll find those who are prepared.

We had the zone training this week and it was good, it was pretty refreshing being on the receiving end instead of the training so that was nice. Although as it was my last zone meeting all, the Elders in the zone from my group had time to share our testimonies with everyone. I can remember my trainer doing that at the end of my first transfer and it seems like it wasn't that long ago. Where have those years gone!

Other than that not too much new from this week I'm doing well and I'm happy!

Love you all, Have a great week!!!
Elder Maxwell

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