Tuesday, May 6, 2014

St George's Day‏!

It was a disappointing start today when Katie got a message from the mission home in Bulgaria that we wouldn’t be hearing from Christian until Wednesday.  What’s up with that?  So, I did a little digging and here is what I have discovered.

He and the rest of Bulgaria are taking off today and tomorrow to celebrate St George, his victory over the dragon, and all the other wonderful things he may have accomplished so long ago. 

 According to Wikipedia:

St George’s Day (Гергьовден, Gergyovden) is possibly the most celebrated name day in Bulgaria.  It is a public holiday that takes place on 6 May each year. A common ritual is to prepare and eat a whole lamb, which is an ancient practice possibly related to Slavic pagan sacrificial traditions and the fact that St George is the patron saint of shepherds. It is also believed to be a magical day when all evil spells can be broken. It was believed that the saint helps the crops to grow and blesses the morning dew, so early in the morning they walked in the pastures and meadows and collected dew, washed their face, hands and feet in it for good luck and even in some rural parts of Bulgaria it was a custom to roll in it naked.

So, since Elder Maxwell is serving in rural Bulgaria now, we just have to assume that he and his companion today are getting ready to roll in the dew tomorrow and soak up all that good luck for the coming year.  Then they can go visit some folks and eat a whole lamb with them.  Right?!      : )

Happy St George’s Day Everyone!


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