Monday, April 28, 2014

So this is it, the final transfer! Weird!

So this is it, the final transfer!  Weird! I am going to be in Shumen, I have gone there before on exchanges.  It's a pretty little city although, they only have a group there so it'll be my first group city! I am going to be serving with Elder Johnson and I don't really know much about him, just that he's from Utah and that's about it. Next week I can get you some updates on that.

This week was good, we had one of our new investigators commit to baptism yesterday so that was really cool although they haven't accepted a date yet they felt that it was still too early but they are incredibly prepared and have a strong desire to follow Christ!

We also were able to get in to a less actives house that we have been trying to meet for a long time and that was really good. It will take some time with him to get him back fully active but he is very nice and still loves the church he just has a few concerns and hasn't been in a long time and feels like he won't know anyone and is to old to make new friends, but we will see about that!
Wow, it's crazy how fast time flies, and I'm going to finish - giving it all I've got!  It'll be good in Shumen, I'm very excited!

So yeah it's exciting, I love you and hope that you have a great week!
Elder Maxwell

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