Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Serving with him makes me feel really old!

So I finally get to write!! They have a lot of holidays this time of the year, 2 weeks ago with Easter, last week 2 days for Labor day and this week 2 days for Georgiov den, so its been a little bit harder finding people since the city has been deserted for the last 6 days, plus we have had a lot of rain! On Sunday actually (crazy story), we were going to find a less active to try and have a lesson with a contact (up on a hill on the other side of the city) and it was cloudy when we set out luckily I had grabbed my umbrella because it started raining, then it started hailing, then the hail got harder and it was huge like almost gumball sized and then it turned to pounding rain and the hill we were going up turned into a rushing river!  Needless to say, we got soaked even with our umbrellas but we found the contact so it's all good and the only bad part is that my companions shoes were moldy yesterday morning because he didn't dry them off at all.  So, there's a little story for you. 

My new area is pretty nice, it is very calm here in Shumen and the people are very nice. Although, there are tons of Muslims and people of Turkish descent so I've been trying to pick up a little Turkish but it's kind of a weird language and I can only say a few things. Muslims are very nice but they don't really have much of an interest to learn more about Christ. The city is pretty small and our area is about the size of one or two of the neighborhoods that were in my area in Sofia (my area in Sofia was probably double the size of the whole city of Shumen if not more!) And the water tastes a bit weird here, kind of like the Utah water, but I'll get used to it. 

Church was interesting here, there were only 13 of us at church and that is with 4 missionaries and 3 investigators. I got to bless the sacrament and conduct the music and next Sunday I may have to play the piano and give a talk! The members here are nice and I am excited to get to work with them. Also church here usually is only the first two hours because most of the members will only stay that long and last week we also got to teach the lesson in second hour so I am keeping busy in church on Sundays! We have a room that is rented where we meet it is actually pretty big and there is even a downstairs basement with a couple rooms so our building is pretty nice!

My new companion is Elder Johnson.  He is from Payson, Utah and the oldest of five boys. he is a good missionary he has been out for a year now. He is cool, he likes to read and has a lot of ideas for what he might be in the future but he's not really sure yet. He went to BYU for a bit before his mission (after I was already gone) and overall serving with him makes me feel really old. 
I will see you all on Sunday.  Sorry for the delay for this letter but I had no choice, nothing has been open for the last few days, but better late than never right!
Have a great week! Love you!!
Elder Максуел
(there you go Ben now you are more unique)

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